MOC DEXA Stratos dR

MOC DEXA Stratos dR

Technology and performance.  DMS MOC Stratos DR is the optimal solution for bone densitometry exams.
The 2D-Fan Beam has a sensor with 256 elements and provides the highest image resolution for an optimal diagnosis.
Exams can be performed in just 30 seconds per site, making the Stratos DR the highest-performance solution available on the market.


– About 30 seconds per exam.
– Total body in 3 minutes.
– Excellent image quality.
– Automatic selection of ROI (region of interest).
– 100% DICOM compatible.

– DVA: Digital Vertebral Assessment – lateral image of the spine.
– COMBI SCAN – the only test for the analysis of the pelvis and spine.
– Morphometric capacity to define the risk of fracture.
– “Multi-report” up to 4 exams printed on one page.

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