Research and development 

Research and development

The substantial investments in Research and Development allow Global Biomedical Service to stay ahead of the times in both the electromedical and infrastructure sectors. At the Campana head offices, many activities are underway to establish a benchmark area for the creation and testing of new technologies in the sector of Shielding Booths and the development of new material technologies to boost innovation.
The constant updating of techniques and professional skills is essential to guarantee quality services and products intended to stand the test of time.

The Research and Development department, in partnership with various certified European Research Studies and Universities, carries out the:

Study, analysis and stability tests of materials and components.
Analysis and mechanical tests on medical material.
Study, research and development of bio- and electromedical technologies.

GHOST CAGE® Transparent Faraday Cage

The main feature is the hybrid construction, consisting of a transparent area or wall and an opaque section. The cage has a combination of elements that greatly improves the attenuation of radio frequencies that could derive from the external environment or the equipment installed inside.

Ghost Cage® consists of a portion made up of aluminium panels, or other electrically conductive metallic material, press-folded into sheets and interconnected with each other by bolts to make the elements conductive and a transparent part consisting of a conductive metal structure housing crystals. The crystals are crossed by various metal nets that vary in the thickness and size of the holes depending on the attenuations that you want to obtain. Transparent glazing can be layered in a single mesh or in several layers. The supporting structure of the transparent parts is made and shaped in such a way as to create an electrical continuity between the various elements.

All of the constituent elements are mechanically joined to obtain maximum attenuation of radio frequencies and other interference. These elements provide excellent electrical resistivity with remarkable mechanical properties and are self-supporting with high corrosion resistance. The cage thus constructed is more than 90% detachable and reusable.

Ghost Cage®
avoids feelings of oppression and claustrophobia, creating a relaxing situation for the patient in the exam room. The patient has an overview of their surroundings, and therefore the claustrophobic effect is greatly reduced. In addition, other people can be present at the examination, standing beyond the transparent area and can therefore emotionally support the patient. Another relevant detail concerns the operator, who, thanks to the transparent glass, has full control over the entire exam room.

The attenuation values are 90 db from 10 Mhz to 100 Mhz. Ghost Cage® is optimised to accommodate magnetic resonances up to 1.5Tesla.

Humanisation and available accessories:
  • Multicoloured LED lighting
  • Multicoloured LED skirting board
  • Sound diffusion system
  • Backlit ceiling relax panel
  • Wall wrapping
  • Floor wrapping
  • Touch screen to adjust lighting


Research and development are the cornerstones of the Global Biomedical Service.
The constant commitment of the technicians and the work of the company’s management, based in Castel San Giorgio (SA), led to the invention of a new robot for calculating the distortion of the magnetic field on magnetic resonance tomography devices.

This is a useful system for carrying out passive shimming analysis, i.e. the homogeneity of the magnetic field of an MRI scanner. The current system patented by GBS allows for much more detailed mapping, significantly limiting the exposure time to the magnetic field of operators working in the diagnostics sector. “The research and constant work carried out by our technicians allow us to be at the forefront in the sector – explains the sole administrator Giovanni Lombardo – allowing us to meet the multiple and different needs of our customers, using cutting-edge programs that are suitable for use as software in both private centres and public bodies of the health sector”.
With the GBS-branded robot, you will obtain 3D mapping free of interference, eliminating a problem for which a valid solution had not yet been found. The Robot offers a very refined and detailed map thanks to the software made in collaboration with other companies following specific requests from our technicians. This results in considerable time savings estimated at up to several hours with a better quality result.

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