X-Ray Mobile 7200A Digital System

X-Ray Mobile 7200A Digital System

Ultraslim design. With a width of only 54 cm, the digital radiographic system can be used flexibly in different circumstances.

Height. The height of the complete equipment is only half a person’s height, ensuring that the operator’s view is never obstructed.

Electric motion repeater. The electric motion amplification function, specially designed to be lightweight and manoeuvrable, allows you to easily move the unit with one hand.

Micro-control. The final design of the X-ray tube simplifies the handling of the movement and rotation of the system, facilitating the user in achieving all desired positions.

Complete one-handed positioning operation. Release the full 5-axis movement with one hand and one button. The X-ray tube supports full 360° coverage and is able to rise to any height according to the user’s needs.

Excellent inclined movement capacity. The new guidance device and ultra-powerful motor provide excellent performance and reach an angle of inclination of up to 12°.


The 7200A has a width of only 54 cm, combined with the latest lithium-ion polymer battery and power control system guaranteeing longer battery life, flexible and lightweight use, as well as easy transport, making it ideal for even the most demanding environments.

Lanmage’s Research and Development department has always given high priority to customer needs by acquiring in-depth information on clinical and logistical requirements, which led to the creation of the 7200A device, a fourth-generation mobile DR.

The aim is to provide our customers with a product that meets all clinical requirements thanks to the latest technological advances, with the following features:

  • The device is able to remain in standby mode for over a year.
  • Two exposure modes, integrated battery charging mode and 110/220V power supply.
  • Super Fast 3-Hour Charging (Optional), Supports fast charging mode in 3 hours to charge the battery from 0 to 100%; requires regular 5-hour charging.
  • Supports 1,200 exposures at full battery charge (standard chest X-ray conditions for an adult).
  • The new flat panel sensor with wireless transmission and 5G network transmission eliminates unnecessary cables.
  • Plate Sharing (Optional), Additional portable acquisition system, allowing sharing with other X-ray machines or mobile X-ray applications via a plate.
  • Four modes of mechanical arm exposure, wireless remote control, timer software and visual console.
  • Radio Frequency Remote Control: adopts radio frequency signal transmission with an effective distance of up to 15 m, thus avoiding signal obstruction caused by walls.
  • High-Precision Anti-Collision System: in the event of obstacles, the system automatically brakes, effectively protecting equipment and personnel.
  • DAP system.

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