VINNO 8 Portable Ultrasound Scanner

VINNO 8 Portable Ultrasound Scanner

The VINNO 8 portable ultrasound scanner offers premium performance without limits. It combines advanced Zone Imaging technology, intelligent workflow and a compact, lightweight design.

  • Advanced imaging technologies
  • Advanced obstetric/gynaecological application
  • Extended cardiac application
  • MSK application
  • Innovative design

Technical Specifications


  • Zone imaging software offering improved image resolution and energy distribution across the entire area through multi-frequency apodising transmission and instantaneous phase superposition
  • VFlow is an advanced colour filter technology, which improves sensitivity in detecting small blood flows


  • VCI Volume Contrast Imaging adjusts section thickness on 2D planes in 3D or 4D rendering-mode to improve contrast resolution
  • Niche View reconstruct a volume structure with multiplanar views to better reveal the spatial correlation of tissue structure
  • Multiline Free View obtain any plane from a data volume by simply drawing a line, a curve, through a structure. The valuable technology allows you to visualise even irregularly shaped structures not achievable in 2D imaging
  • Hysterosalpingo Contrast Sonography (HSG) a simple and well-tolerated ultrasound procedure used to visualise fallopian tube patency and abnormalities of the uterus and endometrium


  • Automatic EF measurement the system can calculate cardiac functions, EF values by clicking on three key points instead of tracing the endocardium edge, saving a lot of time
  • Multi-angle M Mode (MAM)
  • Stress Echo


  • Easy to set up intuitive touch panel operation and integrated user manual for reference
  • Easy compare before and after examination with Easy Compare function
  • Accurate imaging the 2-23 Mhz frequency range allows you to see from superficial to deep tissue
     Accurate biopsy guidance Needle Enhancement function makes the needle tip more visible


  • Easy Compare for patient examination follow-up
  • Needle Enhancement is an excellent tool for visualising the needle tip in interventional radiology application
  • Contrast Bubble Imaging is useful for delineating organ margins, monitoring blood perfusion in organs and recognising lesion characterisation

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