USB-C Vet Ultrasound Probe

USB-C Vet Ultrasound Probe

Incredible image quality and low power. Formation of the digital beam, continuous dynamic focusing and dynamic apodisation. Lanmage portable ultrasound probes and apps include decades of experience and innovation in ultrasound imaging to help you make quick, informed decisions.

  • Portable Device Lanmage condenses the traditional ultrasound machine into a single probe. You can connect it to your smartphone through the Lanmage software and carry it in your pocket wherever you go.
  • Easy to use Lanmage offers a simple and intuitive design interface, to help you work simply through your smart devices.
  • High Resolution Low power stable HD image. Lanmage’s image processing technology always gives you a high-quality image.
  • Smart Applicable to multiple solutions: Lanmage’s ultrasound app offers diagnostic functionality to your compatible smartphone or handheld device.
  • Multidisciplinary Wide diagnostic applications of equipment in the veterinary field. It can be used in different clinical situations.

Technical specifications

Main features:

  • Display mode: B, B/B (Android)
  • M mode
  • Color Doppler
  • Linear Probe (PW)
  • SRI
  • Measurements
  • DICOM Transmission
  • Applications: OB/GYN, Urology, Abdominal, Emergency, and ICU
  • Weight: ≤0.2KG
  • Operating System: Android

Available configurations:

  • Umagic Linear Probe (C2-5 E) (colour): 5 – 10 MHz
  • Umagic Convex probe (L5-10 E) (colour): 2 – 5 MHz
  • Umagic Convex C2-5 E (B/W) Probe – B mode only: 2 – 5 MHz
  • Umagic Linear Probe L5-10 E (B/W) – B mode only: 5 – 10 MHz
  • Umagic Linear Probe L5-10 E (B/W) – B mode only: 5 – 10 MHz

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