Mirror 8 Touch Ultrasound

Mirror 8 Touch Ultrasound

In this ultrasound system, Lanmage has integrated broadband beamforming, automatic image optimisation tools and clinically proven technologies. All these elements make the Mirror8 Touch ideal for public and private hospitals, clinics and specialist practices.

Mirror 8 Touch is suitable for every need and application, from Cardiology, Gynaecology, Vascular, MSK, Superficial, Thyroid, Urology, Abdomen and General Imaging. It is equipped with advanced software and functions that allow for timely and safe decision-making.

Technical specifications

  • Full optional
  • Advanced Tools
  • Intuitive workflow
  • Outstanding performance
  • Excellent Broadband Fusion Imaging Technology
    This tool helps keep the second harmonic signal pure and ensures resolution and depth to improve image uniformity even at high depths.
  • High-resolution blood flow imaging
    It is capable of improving the sensitivity of low-speed blood flow and the frame rate of high-speed blood flow. This allows for a more accurate and faster diagnosis.
  • Sharp Imaging Technology
    Through the repeated calculation of ROI information, it improves image resolution and spatial resolution, as well as tissue contrast. This offers excellent image quality and clinical application.

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