Flat Panel Digital Wiser Series

Flat Panel Digital Wiser Series

The Wiser digital panel series is an innovative digitised solution for your radiography system, offering the possibility to easily transform your traditional imaging unit into a high-performance digitised system at an extremely low cost.

• Digitised imaging output to simplify saving, revision, communication and transmission.

• Rapid image transmission, saving on management costs, radiological dose reduction, and rapid reading of diagnostic results.

• Images with intelligent optimisation and high performance for more accurate diagnostics.

• Lightweight, small-size wireless flat-screen detector, a true portable FPD.

• 2 rechargeable batteries, 2.5 hours of fast charging, allowing for 24 hours’ use.

• Liquid resistant with IPX1 protection rating and eddy current shielding.
• Supports 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz wireless connection, ensuring fast communication between panel and workstation.

 Long service life: 7 years without usage limitations.

Technical specifications

  • ABS
    ABS automatically adjusts the best brightness conditions for the X-ray image on different positions and body parts without manual setting. (DRF only) (Solo per DRF)
    S Supports the standard DICOM 3.0 protocol, allowing you to quickly connect to RIS/HIS systems for data transmission.
  • Case Management
    Patient information can be automatically uploaded from the hospital, clinic or diagnostic centre HIS or RIS system, communicating with the local PC storage system.
  • APR
    Preset APR is a useful tool to quickly complete exposures for all patient types and diagnostic needs in different anatomical positions.
  • DAP
    The actual delivered dose can be displayed on the screen for exposure control.
  • High Resolution
    In the reduced format version with high resolution and contrast, it allows you to perform examinations even for small animals, greatly reducing the dose delivered and allowing for spectacular-quality imaging.

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