DTP 880 Digital Radiological System

DTP 880 Digital Radiological System

DTP 880 is the tableside-controlled fluoroscopy system for the complete spectrum of patient profiles.
Remarkably convenient and efficient to use, LUCERNA RF TILT II brings both flexibility and ease of use to your workflow.
Combined with the Dynamic Flat Detector, LUCERNA RF TILT II even doubles as a digital radiography system.


LUCERNA RF TILT II delivers high-quality,low-dose dynamic and static images on all types of patients from small children to obese adults and delivers clear images at the lowest possible dose.
Plus, intelligent image acquisition and post-processing help keep examination and reading times short

Is the software for the management of radiographic and fluoroscopic images. The advanced processing techniques and the numerous functions provided in the post-processing phase make the system easy for the radiologist to use, improving the display and processing of images in real time.

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