C6 Portable Ultrasound

C6 Portable Ultrasound

The C6 is a brand new portable Colour Doppler ultrasound system. C6 features a durable magnesium-aluminium alloy surface, advanced hardware and powerful integrated software based on the state-of-the-art AQM platform.

Innovative imaging technology takes images to the next level, while intelligent workflow maximises performance for a variety of clinical applications. The C6 meets all diagnostic needs, including ABD, GYN, OB, CA, BV, MSK, NERVE, SMALL PART, and supports the carrying out of biopsies.

Technical specifications

  • Quick zoom a magnifying glass that can emphasise details without distortion
  • Unique Optimisation intelligently optimises image gain; automatically adjusts 2D, colour, and Doppler parameters
  • ECG module equipped with an ECG module for monitoring electrophysiological signals
  • Automatic measurement equipped with automated measurements such as IMT, NT, and Doppler flow profile, making diagnosis faster and more accurate
  • Remote maintenance remote software update to always have the latest release available
  • Biopsy guide able to provide the best ultrasound guidance images to simplify the operation and reduce the time for each procedure
  • Spatial composite imaging reduced speckle noise signals
    contrasted and improved spatial resolution of images with sharper margins for clearer diagnosis
  • Real-time panoramic imaging real-time panoramic imaging from multiple frames; expansion of scanning object viewing area; simple operation and easy repeatability simplifies diagnosis and improves work efficiency
  • Harmonic imaging with pulse inversion release of two sets of pulse signals with inversion phase deviation digital composition, sampling and processing of reflected waves to achieve purer signals and create better images with detailed resolution
  • Acquisition of peak flow Automatic acquisition of peak flow signals; intelligent analysis of weak flow signals; high flow sensitivity even on peripheral vessels

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