6600D Digital Radiology System

6600D Digital Radiology System

Versatile, fast and accurate imaging and digital fluoroscopy.


  • Precision capture in just 0.1 secs


  • Switch quickly between dynamic/static examination
  • Dynamic Radiography
  • Dynamic Fluoroscopy
  • APR display mount
  • Examination with contrast/li>


  • Detection of foreign bodies in negative
  • Precision paediatric photography
  • Detection of pulmonary nodules
  • Detection of interstitial lesions


Accurate imaging:
Dynamic sensor.

Definition and Resolution:
Up to 9.4 million total pixels, ultra-high spatial resolution.
17×17 inches:
Wide coverage, guarantees full dynamic and fixed capture.

Processing speed of 30 fps:
It captures every moment in the dynamic inspection to ensure a perfect view of every detail.

Real dynamic capture without distortion:
New dynamic detection technology, which provides an excellent guarantee for pre-surgical planning and plastic surgery.

Instant fixed and dynamic exposures:
Thanks to the new i-Vision DFR system, digital fluoroscopy achieves unparalleled definition in extremely fast capture times.

Optimised capture with intelligent processing:
The optimised capture process and intelligent processing give rise to a new work experience. Through the LUT curve, the image processing parameters are adjusted according to the different diagnostic needs, obtaining clearer and “three-dimensional” details, for greater information and a more accurate diagnostic basis to support the physician, minimising the dose delivered to the patient.

Generator power:
Available in 56 kW and 71 kW generator versions.

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