6600 Series Digital Radiology System

6600 Series Digital Radiology System

Experience premium digital radiography for quality and performance with the 6600 Series.

  • There are no limits to your examinations.
  • Endless clinical possibilities.
  • Intelligent workstation.

Reliable performance with comprehensive application abilities. The 6600 Series can easily scan the patient from different angles, with application projections for special positions.

Simplicity of use through an ergonomic design. Compact, but with a fully functional design that allows automatic movement of the examination table in multiple directions.

Single or dual detector system to suit all general radiography applications.


The new compact and ergonomic design not only reduces space requirements, but also ensures full functionality and ease of use through automatic synchronisation and tracking modules between the X-ray tube and the examination table, which supports a wide range of preset application projections and special positions.

The electric table allows automatic movements along multiple floating directions, helping all types of patients to assume the correct position, and ensuring maximum comfort.

The interactive pad, located on the tube’s terminal, not only indicates all the parameters required for exposure and the possibility of modifying them while keeping the delivered dose under control, but also aids patient positioning by means of a 3D guide that automates the exposure preparation process. The column allows a range of movement of the tube of more than a metre and a rotation of 180°.

The tele-X-ray, with its compact design, does not add any additional bulk to the room, and its synchronised movement with the tube enables complete examinations of the spine with automatic orthopaedic stitching functions.

The single- or dual-sensor system option allows for all applications in an extremely short time.

The combination of these factors ensures a simpler and smoother examination startup process for the physician, which not only improves workflow but also reduces the dose to the patient, who undergoes the examination in maximum safety and comfort, with outstanding diagnostic results.

The brand new flat panel sensor system with amorphous silicon wireless technology features an effective image area of 430 x 430 mm with high resolution and supports 2.4G and 5G transmission networks, allowing unnecessary cables to be eliminated and the optimised radiographic image to be obtained in seconds.

In addition, the wide flexibility of positioning of the X-ray source allows for direct contact and off-table exposures using the Wi-Fi sensor.

The high-voltage generator and X-ray tube with its automatic exposure control system with three ionisation chambers ensure the repeatability of exposure settings and the reduction of the delivered dose, with manual or automatic exposure options.

The intelligent workstation features a simple and intuitive work interface that allows presets to be accessed at the touch of a button; data management and workflow support all classes of the DICOM 3.0 standard, allowing connection to all RIS and HIS storage systems, and image management is simple and intuitive even in post-processing, making everyday work fast and efficient.

The remote control system allows you to always have the latest technology at your fingertips thanks to the possibility of online software updates, ensuring that the system is never outdated.

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