2800F Digital Wall-mounted Radiology System

2800F Digital Wall-mounted Radiology System

Lanmage is committed to completely improving the efficiency and quality of digital radiographic examination and to creating a comfortable and extraordinary experience for all users.

Intelligent Simultaneous Five-Axis Operations. It synchronises the operation of the X-ray tube and sensor for lifting and rotating up and down with the movement of the hook, improving examination efficiency.

Intelligent one-click custom positioning function. Automatic positioning for all body positions, at the click of a button.

Automatic position monitoring. The X-ray complex and sensor support automatic tracking and automatically adjust the exposure dose.

Automatic Collimation. Automatic field irradiation adjustment based on APR positioning requirements.


The new “Wireless Infinity” technology enables a reduction in scanning time from the usual 3 minutes to just 40 seconds thanks to a simple and intuitive procedure consisting of semi-automatic operations via the remote control system and the one-click intelligent positioning function.

Simultaneous 5-axis lifting and turning operations synchronise the movements and operation of the tube with those of the sensor, improving efficiency and facilitating the operator’s work.

Automatic position monitoring and collimation functions based on APR positioning requirements support tracking and field irradiation by adjusting and ensuring the lowest dose exposure to the patient.

The brand new full-size sensor with interchangeable dual batteries and “smart” charging system enables real-time charging of the panel within the tray, ensuring a constant workflow for all diagnostic scenarios. Wireless transmission modes and the 5G network do away with unnecessary cables.

“1-sec Imaging” technology allows for high-speed capture in one second, greatly reducing difficulties for the patient and crowding for the facility.

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