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Global Biomedical Service is a leading national provider of medical equipment through the advantageous formula of operational leasing. Thanks to the consolidated partnership with established financial companies and robust banking institutions, we are able to meet every particular need of our customers.

The operational rental of equipment combines the benefit of deferred payment over time with the immediate availability of the goods

Why choose a rental?

  • Zero down payments!
  • 100% tax deductibility
  • No reports in CRIF and Italian Credit Bureau
  • No capital assets are tied up, and there is no depreciation
  • Certain and predetermined costs over time
  • All Risk Insurance (fire, theft, damage, weather events)
  • Customisable rental duration from 24 to 84 months
  • Decision-making in a very short time, 24 hours on average
Global Biomedical Service competently and professionally assists companies in the various phases of managing leasing and rental operations; in particular, it deals with:


Defining all technical, financial and fiscal aspects.


Choosing the most suitable leasing and rental formula.


Optimising all bureaucratic aspects to speed up decision-making.

Operational leasing is an increasingly popular financial lever for both companies and professionals, and it offers a number of advantages to the company:

Tax advantages

The fees are fully deductible for IRES and IRAP purposes.

Economic advantages

The equipment you need is immediately available, keeping liquidity in the company and without increasing debt.

Financial advantages

Improves cash flow: the rented asset is not included in the balance sheet and therefore represents a pure business cost.

Operational advantages

The duration of the leases is aligned with the life cycle of the products, so there will be continuous technological renewal.

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