Construction of Healthcare

Construction of Healthcare

Clinic and private practice design

Global Biomedical Service represents a national benchmark in the design of Medical Centres equipped with innovative and cutting-edge equipment. Clinics and Specialist Practices are very complex structures, and for this reason, every entrepreneur working in the medical sector needs a professional partner who is a true expert with an awareness of the legal, functional and aesthetic aspects necessary for the construction of successful health facilities. The experience and skills of GBS professionals are essential to optimise every process involved in building a new centre. From the design to the end of the construction work, Global Biomedical Service is at the Customer’s side.

Not only design, but also implementation from start to finish.
With extensive experience in the sector, the company’s technicians and professionals follow the design service of both public and private medical offices and clinics, also dealing with the actual construction of the infrastructure.

Construction of "turnkey" health facilities

Global Biomedical Service creates specialist Diagnostic Centres in perfect contemporary style and with all the necessary medical equipment. Medical practices can be created using innovative materials with low environmental impact, in Luxury and Hi-Tech style.

Obviously, the projects include systems that comply with all current safety regulations (UNI and CEI), with the issuance of the fundamental certificate of conformity, with everything always supported by the certifications and tests required by the authorities.