Technical Support

Technical Support for Medical Imaging Equipment

Not only does G.B.S. GLOBAL BIOMEDICAL SERVICE offer consulting and design services, but it also offers complete technical assistance for the electro-medical sector. Our company guarantees technical support for medical imaging equipment such as Magnetic Resonance Imaging, CT scanners and radiology equipment. We also offer obligatory preventive maintenance services on an annual basis for all diagnostic systems and special custom corrective maintenance contracts for clients.

Laboratories, Functional Checks and Controls

G.B.S. is committed to ensuring a healthy environment and respecting hygiene and safety standards by always using the latest instruments and cutting-edge techniques. We do the following:

- Electrical safety checks and functional checks on equipment such as the standard CEI 62.5 / EN 60601-1

- Procedures for measuring shielding efficiency of locations that use MRI, shielding environments and Faraday cages, according to the standards MIL-STD 285 and IEEE-STD-299-1997 (when applicable) 

- Environmental RF analysis indoors, outdoors and in shielded environments; continuous monitoring of electromagnetic fields

- Quality controls and functional checks on all MRI, CT and X-ray systems according to current regulations

Laboratory Department Services:
- MRI coil repair and refurbishing
- Power supply repairs, gradient amplifiers, RF amplifiers
- MRI coil refurbishing, renovation of plastic and covers, repainting of parts, cushion restoration

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