Infrastructure Sector

Nationwide Planning and Infrastructure in the Medical-Healthcare Field

G.B.S. GLOBAL BIOMEDICAL SERVICE has been involved for many years in the construction and design of public and private clinics and doctor's offices. We accept work up to a value of 11 million euros, all while guaranteeing professionalism, competence, punctuality and courtesy. These qualities have made us one of the most reliable infrastructure service providers in the Italian healthcare sector.
INAIL Operating Instructions

Turnkey Products

Our services include not only design, but also construction from start to finish.  With extensive experience in the field, our company technicians and skilled professionals are able to combine design services for medical clinics and doctor's offices with the effective implementation of such designs. The offices created are able to represent a true point of reference both locally and regionally, because they invest with G.B.S. in the construction of specialised diagnostic centres which are in perfect contemporary style and have all the necessary state-of-the-art instrumentation.

Design for Clinics and Doctor's Offices

At an increasing rate, specialised clinics and doctor's offices are establishments that are being chosen by patients who only wish to rely on truly experienced professionals--those who know how to meet their needs promptly and with precision. At the national level, G.B.S. is a leading company in the design of specialised centres furnished with state-of-the-art equipment. We offer all-inclusive services for clinics and private practices that need effective and reliable design support. The design process begins with a site visit, followed by all the necessary calculations and installation.

Safety and Certifications

Being able to work in a fully secure environment should be a basic right for any health centre that wishes to be successful. These centres acquire patients in a modern setting that adheres to the law. Operations are always carried out according to current regulations; everything is always upheld by certifications and the tests requested by the medical centres.

Transport and Valuation of Used Equipment

Once the relevant implementation services have been agreed upon, G.B.S. strives to transport the purchased systems and equipment in a timely, accurate manner. We also offer a free valuation service to help you clearly decide on the best option for disposal or resale of used equipment.

For information or quotes, please call +39 081 19655197.

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