Excellence and Quality for Your Health

G.B.S. GLOBAL BIOMEDICAL SERVICE knows that equipment selection and spatial organisation in the health field is critical to delivering quality services. For this reason, we make our many years of experience in the sector available to our assistants, providing personalised consulting for public and private entities.

Technical Business Consulting for Medical Imaging

GLOBAL BIOMEDICAL SERVICE offers consulting services in the field of medical imaging. Along with our expertise also comes a wide range of brand-name products that are strictly qualified and known worldwide for their high quality and safety standards:
Esaote / Hitachi / Paramed / Ge / Philips

Consulting for Infrastructure and Procurement Management

GLOBAL BIOMEDICAL SERVICE offers its clients vast experience in the infrastructure field, providing consulting services for constructing public and private clinics and doctors' offices. We handle orders and contracts, all while finding economically beneficial solutions for our customers.

Call +39 081 19655197 for information about our consulting services.

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